In a divided world,
the winds are changing.
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The Twin Suns1

The Girl Without a Name

Erika Vik

“Stay hidden. Stay out of sight.” That’s the only thing Aleia remembers. She has to find out who she is and why she doesn’t remember anything – and who is on her heels.

Corildon is a selesian, member of a feared and hated species among humans. He has isolated himself on the northern frontier, persecuted by his memories. When Aleia collapses at his gate, and the bad winds begin to blow away the power of the selesians with it, he nonetheless has to decide if he will fight or surrender.

A carriage heads out from Dwyr to Selesia to uncover Aleia’s secret, but not everyone wants them to reach their destination...

Twin Suns trilogy takes place in a world where war is brewing. Long-harbored tensions between the nations and species are coming to a head, and political scheming underlies the conflict. When events bring together a group of individuals seeking their own fate, each of them has to decide what they believe is right and what kind of world they want to live in.

In a divided world, the winds are changing.
The girl has to remember. The selesian just wants to forget.
The Twin Suns2

The Seer of Selesia

Erika Vik

Corildon and Aleia have arrived in Selesia, where Mathyana discovers more about the unpredictable power cocooned within Aleia. Corildon has nightmares, but reality is becoming more like a nightmare itself: wild rumors are circulating about the reappearance of firebirds, exiled for over half a century. At the same time, in the world of humans, plans are taking shape that put Selesia’s entire future at risk.

Aleia is in the middle of all of this. She is capable of what the bad winds are capable of – she is a human who can sense the other pulse of the selesians, and she can harness channeled power. When the spell upon her is broken, will she become a threat to the selesians?

Twin Suns trilogy is a fantasy series in which fire kills, and magic wells up from deep within. It’s about the universal search for truth, how we view our enemies and how those views are torn apart, and the responsibility and forgiveness that comes with power.

When a storm rises in the world of the Twin Suns, no one can escape the ghosts of the past any longer.