Erika Vik

Erika Vik (b. 1982) is a graphic designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur. Vik provides her own singular take on traditional fantasy fiction, combining it with a bit of the Wild West, Victorian steampunk, and the Scandinavian feel for the magic within nature.

The Girl Without a Name (Hän sanoi nimekseen Aleia) is Vik’s debut novel and first part of the Twin Suns trilogy. It was first published in February 2017 by Helsinki-based publishing house Gummerus. The second novel, The Seer of Selesia (Seleesian näkijä) followed in August 2017.

All the illustrations on this site are made by Erika Vik. You can find more Twin Suns art and her other illustrations on Vik’s Facebook page and on Instagram.